Doing Church: Exodus 12

This Sunday, Gary taught on the Exodus (Exodus 12).  It is a familiar passage, which I think at times, is half the problem.  We know these passages so well.  We often miss what the Lord might be teaching us when we glance or skim over these very important events.  That is one thing I am always challenged with when I read the Word of God.

I cannot tell you how many times I have read this story.  And, yet, I have seen where I have missed an important part of the story.  When Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, God told Moses to lift up his staff and the waters would part; they would cross on dry ground.  He did so.  After the Israelites crossed, Pharaoh attempted to run after the Israelites.  He had changed his mind.  When Moses got everyone across, God told him to reach out his staff once more and the waters would fall on the Egyptians.  He said that the Lord would fight the fight and all Moses had to do was sit and watch.

I like that.  I like the fact that God wants to fight our battles for us.  I like the fact that I can sit back and watch God work.  I do not have to sweat through a situation.  All I have to do is obey God and He will be faithful to meet all of my needs as they arise in the fashions they seem to arise.  In all we do and say, our actions will far exceed our words.  When the “stuff hits the fan,” will we truly rely on the word of God or will we attempt (perhaps once again) to try and work it out for ourselves?  It is a sad story when we do not listen to the words of God.  They are important and lead us His grace and peace despite all the cares and worries we struggle through each and every day.

I am not claiming to have the “corner market’ on this mind you.  I have a lot of work to do.  I am learning though.  I am learning to listen to the words of God even more than I have before.  I am learning to sit back and wait; waiting to see how God is going to make it all work out.  Then again, it seems to me that am what faith is all about.  Faith does not always know how it is all going to work out.  Faith knows that it will work out according to God’s will.  He knows what I need before I even ask Him for His help.  I only need to sit back and wait.  Maybe that is something we all can learn to do a little more.  It would probably aid in not making the same mistakes we oftentimes make when we try it on our own.  Knowing our luck, we will not heed the words of God though.  We will mess up once again and will try to figure out where we went wrong.  So it goes.  Let us not make that mistake though.  Let us work through our faith and know that God is who He is.  When we learn to do this, God is able to do what He does best.


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