Doing Church: The Passover

Today was a great service.  The reason I really enjoyed the service today was for a lot of reasons.  It went longer than it usually does.  I used to go to a church where God forbid we were moved by the Holy Spirit and went five minutes over the normal time, people would begin looking at their watches and putting their coats on.  That always drove me nuts.  I want to challenge people to take off their watches when they enter their places of worship.  Please do not treat God that way.

Anyway, as I said, it was a great service.  Todd taught today.  He spoke on the Passover found in Exodus.  I wonder if we really take the Passover as seriously as we probably should.  The Jewish people found their ‘salvation’ and deliverance through the Passover.

The Passover story is quite interesting.  God called the Israelites to celebrate the Passover.  They were supposed to celebrate it a certain way.  They were to do it in haste.  The thing that really hit me today was a statement. If we are not looking at the Passover meal (what we would call the Lord’s Supper) in the correct manner (a symbolism of Christ’s death and resurrection for my salvation), we are missing something.  We are missing the main reason we really take the Lord’s Supper in the first place.

I have a lot to think about.  I have been free from my ‘Egypt’ and have been given true deliverance in Christ.  I need to step it up a bit when it comes to how I view communion.  I need to take some time to remember what Christ has done for me before I go up and take it.  I am glad we talked about the Passover service.  It is not just a story for Jewish people but is also valuable for you and I as believers in Christ.  God is so good.


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