Will We Always Remember?

I woke up today and looked out my window.  It was raining.  I am not a fan of a rainy day.  I would rather enjoy sitting outside reading a good book while drinking a nice cold glass of milk or peach tea.  I could not do that today though.  So I got up and got a shower.  Looking at my watch, I saw the date (September 11th).  I cannot believe I had forgotten today’s date.  It was not intentional mind you; I have just been busy.  With work, the preparation of school, and the normal hustle and bustle of life, dates are misplaced and forgotten.  It is sad.

As I finally sat down to reflect on today’s remembrance, I thought about the families of those who have lived these past six years without their loved ones or former friends.  Many young children who have lost fathers or mothers cannot embrace them today.  We can only ask God to embrace them for us.  Many young children who have lost fathers or mothers still need our prayers to help them get through such a tough date.  I do not know what else we can actually do to make it easier for them.  Perhaps there is nothing.

My only thought is to remember.  Remember those who have lost their lives and not turn our faces the other way.  As I read through the Bible, there are events in the OT that give me hope of how we can remember the events of 9/11.  During the freedom of the Israelites from the bonds of the Egyptian government, the Israelites crossed the Jordan River.  After the Israelites crossed the Jordan, God told the Israelites to take twelve Stones and place them near one another as a memorial.  When the Israelites crossed the Jordan, they were required to share with their children how God helped them cross the Jordan.  Perhaps, there could be a way to do the same so that 9/11 will never be forgotten.

Some suggestions perhaps could be a memorial monument in NY.  I heard almost 4 years ago they were going to build this memorial.  Nothing has been built as of yet.  Perhaps they will keep to their promises.  Another way is to pray.  Pray for these families and kids.  Pray that their nightmares will end.  Pray that they can get up each morning and know that a loving God loves them.  How about we just pray?

So as the day winds down, I will pray.  I will make a sign and hang it on my wall where I know I will see it before I walk out of my room.  It will have a simple question:  Have you prayed?  I hope it will help me remember.  I hope it will help us all remember.  When we remember, we can pass it down to our future so they will remember as well.  Let us never forget; Let us always remember.  God bless.


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