Doing Church: Going Back

Well I did something I thought I would never do.  I went back to the church I used to attend.  I went because it was my dad’s birthday and we were going to have breakfast/lunch after the service so it made more sense to just go there.

It was weird walking into a building with more people I go to school with once again.  There were a lot of familiar faces I have never seen in a long while.  I guess that is one reason I left in the first place.  The sense of community and fellowship is difficult when there is 500 + in a service.  One becomes a number instead of a person.  I decided to put that aside though for the sake of not causing an argument.

The music was perfect (as usual) and the baskets were passed (as usual).  Then came the sermon.  When a pastor starts off his sermon saying, “I am not going to bash denominations” yet begins doing so in the following three sentences, I wonder if he really understands what he had said previously.  Anyway – the only part of the sermon I will mention is the pastor’s understanding of the ‘rock’ the Church was built on (Matthew 15).  He said that the ‘rock’ is Jesus.  And, though that is a popular thought, I disagree with the pastor on this issue.  I believe the Church is built on the acknowledgement that Jesus is Lord.  It is the Gospel in which the Church is founded on (and still is).

As I have already mentioned, the Gospel is the announcement that Jesus is Lord (and not Caesar).  The Gospel is the ‘good news.’  It is this news we are called to spread.  When Jesus asked His disciples who they thought He was, Peter responded, “You are Jesus, the Son of the Living God.”  That is the Gospel.  That is what Jesus said He would build the Church upon.  So perhaps building the Church on Jesus or on the Gospel might sound like playing with semantics.  To me, it makes a difference.

So, the service ended and I went home.  After saying a few hellos and several goodbyes, I walked out of the old church.  I think it is important to go back and remember where one comes from.  No matter what amount of time has passed, we must always remember where we came from.  When we do this, we become more thankful for where God has brought us to at this point in our lives.  And, wherever God takes us, we have His Gospel, the true rock in which He has been building the Church upon.  Until the Church is fully built, we must strive to spread it.  It is our responsibility.  I guess that is our personal challenge.  I hope we can accomplish the task at hand.  God bless.


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