Same-Sex Marriage (Chapter 3)

Well we are in chapter three of our book study of the truth of same-sex marriage.  For me, this was one of the more tough chapters to read.  The chapter is named, “We MUST Remember the Children” and what a chapter it is.  Please remember:  This is Erwin Lutzer’s words, not my own.  In this, my attempt is to give one side of the story and to present his case for why same-sex marriage does not work.

In some ways, it just seems wrong that same-sex marriage is wrong.  We might not really understand why but it is like a dog trying to mate with a gerbil or something.  Even though we might not always know what the right answers are (the best decisions we can make), we are born with a ‘moral compass’ that guides us and seeks to direct us as we mature and grow.  Erwin writes, “The moral consciousness found throughout the world can only be explained by ‘common grace’ given to all people, based on natural law.”  A natural law is one that is considered a ‘law’ in the community that is recognized in all cultures and among all the different religions of the world.

Based off Paul’s letter, those who live in a homosexual lifestyle are actually fighting against the natural law (Romans 1:26-27).  From Paul’s perspective, there is nothing ‘natural’ about same-sex relationships (or marriage for that matter).  Erwin writes, “Evidence suggests that the reason there are more teen suicides among homosexuals is not because of the ridicule they receive from heterosexuals, but rather because of the inner conflict that the lifestyle of necessity brings with it.

Erwin writes, “When Rosie O’Donnell adopted a child, the youngster was not the product of the relationship between two lesbians, or for that matter, between two gay men.  No, that child was the product of a man and a woman.  If we are planning to redefine the concept of family, we must ask what being raised by gay couples will mean for children.”

Many in the gay community would say that there is no difference in how the children are raised.  The gay community says that they have done ‘studies’ on this matter and there has been no difference.  However, when the information was reviewed, there were a lot of mistakes in the study.  Even a woman who is a sociologist (and is a lesbian) admits that those men who grow up in a gay relationship end up being less masculine and girls who grow up in a lesbian community are more masculine.  Never mind the natural laws; the gay community seems to believe whatever is good for them (or found good to them) is good for everyone.  Unfortunately, that is just ridiculous.  When a child has either two mommies or two daddies, they are missing an important aspect of their life (the opposite sex as a mentor and authority figure).

As the Family Research Report says, “Every time the mortar that holds society together is weakened, another step toward the destruction of society is made.  Marriage is one of the most important elements in our societal mortar; and thus we can expect it to be attacked by all those who hate our society or its Christian heritage.”  Erwin finishes his chapter stating, “We have blithely tolerated divorce; we have allowed the media to steal the hearts of our children; we have followed materialism and pleasure.  In these and a dozen other ways we have drunk greedily from the fountains of the world.  Now we are beginning to reap the whirlwind.


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