Doing Church: G.O.Y.A.

This past Sunday, we did not have a ‘normal’ service.  Then again, it seems as though we never have a ‘normal’ service at The Well.  I am glad for that (for the most part).  All the college kids were back in action this Sunday because classes have begun once again.  The summer is over.

The message today was based on the Good Samaritan.  I love that story.  To me, Jesus represents the Good Samaritan in that Jesus has compassion on us and has continued from that moment, to love us and take care of our needs.

We had some people who shared about the mission trip the church did in Philadelphia.  The one place those who went on the mission trip was a place called, ‘Ray of Hope.’  This guy Ray was a product of the streets, selling drugs and living a life style most of us would not think of living.  Eventually, Ray went to jail.  When he came out, there was no change in his life.  It was not until he ran after a girl who went to church; he went to church as well.  The message he heard that day changed his life.  Since then, Ray and others has been giving back to his community and those in need.

The message this Sunday was clear:  GOYA… GET OFF YOUR ASS and do something.  This Sunday, I have learned a lot.  Though I have so much to learn, I have learned that helping those who are in need is something that is not just something we should feel obligated to do.  We are called love others.  It is a decision and our responsibility as believers in Christ.  When are we going to learn?

There is so much to do: Find a soup kitchen, become a ‘big brother’ or a ‘big sister,’ go spend time at a nursing home, or just be there for those who need a listen ears.  For me, the theme is clear:  GOYA (and do something).


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