Same-Sex Marriage (Chapter 2)

Well we are studying a book written by Erwin Lutzer called, “The Truth about Same-Sex Marriage.”  To recap the purpose of studying this book, I will only mention that I will be engaging with the material as Erwin Lutzer writes.  I will not add my personal convictions or assessment because ultimately it does not matter.  What does matter however is that the writing of others stretches our thinking and that we remain open to their thoughts.  This is our utmost responsibility as believers in Christ.  With that, we examine chapter two:

The Bible is the first place Dr. Lutzer states we should look to understand the importance of family and marriage.  Looking at Adam, God starts the ‘family’ with Adam.  It was not good enough though for man to be alone – something was missing from the family as God saw it and wanted it.  Instead of God creating another being out of the same dust He made Adam, God created another being out of Adam (from his side).  This would make them equal.  Dr. Lutzer writes, “Both Genders bear the image of God, though they reflect God in different ways.”  This is true.  This is what separates man from animals or any other of God’s creation.

After woman (womb-man) is created, Genesis 2: 24-25 states, “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.  The man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.”  This is a divine unity given to man and woman by God, Himself.

The term ‘one’ in Hebrew is ‘ehad’ and refers to ‘complete, one, unified, or equal.’  This is truly significant.  Dr. Lutzer states, “To put it clearly, the original purpose of marriage was to mirror God!  Yes, those couple that do not acknowledge the God of the Bible can also find meaning in their marriage relationships.  Thanks to “common grace” the spiritual unity of a man and a woman can be accepted and enjoyed even if its origin and purpose is unknown.”

Marriage is a covenant that binds two people together and cannot be broken.  Dr. Lutzer states, “However, sexual intercourse in and of itself does not constitute marriage.  A man and woman are made husband and wife by a covenant taken in the presence of God and witnesses.”  He continues, “Today millions of couples are cohabiting without the benefit of a marriage covenant.  In most instances this arrangement serves as a back door of escape, just in case the relationship does not work out.  But this relationship communicates a confusing dual message.”  This has nothing to do with a piece of paper.  It goes so far beyond that.  The paper is just a legal notice that is a witness to the bond of marriage (the covenant between two people) that is given once two individuals are married.

Lutzer calls any sexual relationship that is out of the bounds of marriage an ‘Alien bond.’  It is not a natural bond that should be accepted.  When people are in the bonds of a sexual relationship with multiple people, it is as though that person is having sex with each person they have had sex with previously.  It is the reason why medically AIDS is passed on the way it is.  If someone has AIDS, and passes it on to an individual, a part of that person has become ‘glued’ to that individual.  That person can then pass it on to others.  “A woman whose husband asked her forgiveness for his promiscuity said, “I feel as if all the other women he has had sex with are in the bed there with me.”  In a sense she was right.”

Lutzer finishes this chapter stating, “To affirm same-sex marriages it to take one more step to cut sex off from its God blessed intention of mirroring plurality and unity.  In short, to affirm same-sex marriages is to toss aside the Owner’s Manual, intent on finding our own way, at any cost.  With it we add more brokenness to our brave new world of social experimentation.


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