R U Serious? (Gold Fools)

I have had people say that I am too serious. I have to admit that at times, I can be way too serious and in need of a good laugh. For that, I look to articles that have been written by individuals I personally know or I read news reports by the BBC or other news reporters. Here is one article that I had to read several times over and simply shake my head. I call this post “R U Serious?”

Gold theft in a Japanese museum

Three masked men have stolen a massive block of gold bullion on display in a museum in Japan. The gold bar, valued at $1.71m (1.27m euro; £0.87m), weighed about 220 pounds (100kg) and was kept in an open safe.

The museum, in the central city of Takayama, said, “The gold was not protected by sensors as they wanted visitors to be able to touch it.”

But the group of thieves went one step further, helping themselves to the precious metal and dragging it away.

The gold was lugged past an employee alerted by the noise, down a staircase and out of the museum where the three men were driven away by a fourth accomplice.

“The gold was exhibited on the second floor, which was monitored by a security camera from the first floor,” said 59-year-old Hisao Nakahagi, the owner of the gold.

I am not sure how I can comment on this article from the BBC. Who puts that kind of gold on display without counting the cost (literally)? Who leaves the gold unattended as hundreds of people walk around it and touch it? And finally, who allows three men (masked) to walk out the front door after dragging the gold from the second story display? If there are all those people walking around, why did someone not stop them? Part of you wants to laugh; the other part honestly feels bad. My only response is: R U Serious?


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