Free HealthCare?

As the news spreads about Michael Moore’s movie “Sicko,” I thought I should go and see the movie.  As I was ready to go, I decided that I would do some research on the issue of health care in the American verse the healthcare in Cuba and other countries that apparently have ‘better healthcare options’ than the US.  I was surprised by what I found and how much we in the US would be giving up if we had ‘free healthcare.’

The first thing I need to state about my personal research on this issue is:  There is no such thing as ‘free’ healthcare.  Free healthcare is like those ads that pop up when you go to different sites online that states, ‘free X-box.’  Thinking you would get something free, you soon realize that there is a long list of clicking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in these annoying little boxes.  And, after twenty minutes of clicking these boxes, and as soon as you realize you might actually be making some headway, you soon realize that you now have to send something to twenty people.  They need to send it out to twenty minutes and sign up for two things before you get your ‘free x-box.’  All of this to say that there really is nothing ‘free’ about it at all (including healthcare).

Let us look at gas prices.  Why look at gas prices you might ask?  It is simple:  The taxes raised from gas prices are used to pay for their ‘free’ healthcare.  So instead of paying $2.78 for gas (which is the normal average price for gas in the US), we would end up paying $6.00 to $7.00 a gallon.  You know how people never seem to read the fine print?  Here is a serious fine print matter most never seem to read.

Some might do their own research and realize that Cuba’s (one of the countries that was apart of Moore’s movie) gas prices are not so bad.  There is a reason for that.  Chavez (the gas mobile and dictator of Venezuela) sells Cuba gas at a much cheaper price than other countries (including the US), for workers.  Venezuela receives a lot of workers from Cuba, which ultimately puts those who work in Venezuela out of business.  But then again, I am sure you would know that because you are well educated in these matters.

For many people in the US, paying $7.00 a gallon, for the sake of better healthcare, would be a difficult but worthy trade.  That would ultimately be true except we have not read all the fine print.  Those who seem to have socialized healthcare, lose about half of their paychecks.  For your ‘free’ healthcare, your 600.00 a week check will now be 310.00.  Apparently, Michael Moore’s movie does not tell you about that in his movie.  How many people would enjoy losing half of their paychecks?  The standard of living in the US would be less and our ability to take care of our families would be compromised.  All for ‘free’ healthcare.  Suppose would not mind paying a higher gas price and you would not mind losing half of your paycheck each week for the sake of ‘free’ healthcare.  Is there anything else we have missed in the fine print?

In fact, we have.  We have forgotten something very important in fact.  What if you are in need of an important surgery, you need to be placed on a waiting list.  And, once you are place on a waiting list, you need to be ‘approved’ for the surgery.  In the US, any hospital is required to do the surgery when you arrive, especially if it is an emergency surgery.  How would you like to be placed on a waiting list to be approved for an important surgery?  I wonder if we really read the fine print, how good ‘free’ healthcare really looks.

We do have a problem.  I will not sit back and say that the issues of healthcare are not important; they are.  40 million people in the US do not have healthcare.  I do not believe our problem is with the government though.  I believe it is really a problem with the body of Christ; it is a problem with us.  In the Bible, we see that the first church (the Acts 2 church) shared everything in common.  When there was someone who was in need of something, the community came together and helped meet that need.  They shared food, shelter, and clothing.  I wonder what our communities would look like if we lived in the same manner.  Keeping that in mind, I have come to the conclusion that healthcare is a poor excuse for the body of Christ not working together; for communities that are lazy and care more about their own personal gain rather than helping those in need.  Perhaps that is harsh for some.  That is all right, I will sleep well this evening.

My thoughts for Michael Moore are simple.  Mr. Moore, if you would like the kind of treatment you believe you deserve go to Sweden or Norway.  I am sure there are openings in Canada.  In all seriousness, I hope you will take some time to consider the truth of healthcare in the US.  We might not have it all figured out but nothing in this life is free.  Nothing.   There is always a price to pay.


One Response to “Free HealthCare?”

  1. steve Says:

    Question. Do you believe we should end the “socialist” Medicare program that we have in the US, and just let people over 65 deal with the free market system, which will abandon them? (BTW, from my personal experience with my parents, people who have Medicare receive great medical care and don’t have to wait to see doctors or have surgery. A government run program. Imagine that.)

    Isn’t the best solution one that is an insurance system where we all pay in and we all benefit, thereby spreading the risks and benefits equitably? No cherry picking to maximize profits. No excluding preexisting conditions. No fear that your family will face bankruptcy if you have a serious illness that uses up your insurance lifetime maximum.

    Open up the Medicare system to all Americans. Basic coverage that stresses prevention. Its way past time we joined the rest of the western world in providing a humane way to insure medical costs.

    Tim, my personal experience with relatives in Canada and Sweden is their system works. I have heard the same responses from Canadians Moore has in the movie. They systems aren’t perfect, but nothing this side of our Father’s Kingdom is.

    I do think this notion that it is “free” is wrong and weakens Moore’s movie, which I found most compelling when he just let people tell their stories.


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