Doing Church: Mason Carlos Heistand (Adoption)

Well, in some respects, it is great to be home.  I mean I get to sleep in my own bed and all.  It was also great being back at The Well.  I have to say I really missed being away from my community of faith.  Over these past four or so months, I have come to really love The Well.  Today was another added bonus because the newest member of our church family was present:  Mason Carlos Heistand.  Little Mason ended up being the reason for today’s sermon: Adoption.

Being adopted myself, I also found this message to be very interesting a topic.  Todd started off his sermon sharing the long story of adopting Mason in just a short few minutes.  He then shared why they did not adopt him and some of the reasons why they wanted to adopt.  Learning the history of the adoption process from Todd and Mel’s perspective was very interesting.

One statement Todd made that I wrote down word-for-word is, “In Christ, God has adopted us into his redeemed and redemptive family.”  I like that.  It is simple yet a correct statement concerning our relationship to God.

I guess the question we need to ask ourselves is, “What are we doing to help the poor and the widows; those who are behind the ‘eight-ball’ as it were?”  I do not know where that leads you or I.  It is something you and I have to ask us each and every day.  While you are thinking about that, check out Todd’s webpage and say hi.  I am sure they can use your prayers as they mentor, lead, guide, and train both Cole and Mason as men of God.  Congrats Todd and Mel.


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