Camp-of-the-Woods (Personal Reflections)

I figured I would take a few moments to highlight my time at Camp-of-the-Woods (now that I am home). One of the things I enjoyed was the nonexistence of a TV. I know that might sound strange but I have come to realize we spend so much time wasted by watching a show or a movie. If I were to have spent all the time at camp watching TV, I do not think I would have seen God’s creation, as I was able to. Coming home will be difficult because the remote control is not far from an arm’s length grip.

Another thing I was glad to be free of is a busy schedule. Do not get me wrong: I love hanging out with people and going here or going there. This past week though, I stayed at one place and spent time doing a lot of stuff without the need to drive 30-45 minutes one way.

In respects to my accommodations, I really enjoyed where I stayed. There was not much to my room. I had a bed, some places to put clothes and a small bathroom with a toilet and a sink. It was big enough for me though. I was really ‘roughing’ it.

Camp-of-the-Woods is a beautiful place where people can go to meet with God. I was able to spend some private time with the Lord and allow Him to work on my heart a little. There was plenty of time to read the Word and other meaningful resources I had either bought there or brought with me from home. I was also able to balance that time with family and friends either on the beach, at a camp activity or canoeing on the lake. There is plenty to do (even when you would rather just do nothing).

The conference speaker was also good. I thought (as I had already mentioned in a previous post) I would not enjoy the speaker because he was very ‘old school’ in his theology and his teaching. I was mistaken though. I really did enjoy his teaching and his humor (which I was surprised he had).

Of coarse, I would be amiss if I did not mention the food. The food was very good. Everything was buffet. There was a nice variety of food each day. The only downfall to eating each day was the incline from the hill we had to walk up three times a day to eat our meals. I guess we ended up working for what we ate. We always had enough to eat though. And the service from our servers was amazing.

Finally, the music of Camp-of-the-Woods is top notch. Those who played in the orchestra were almost all Master degreed students in the instrument they played on stage. The singers ushered us into the throne room of God and allowed us to meet with God in a powerful way. In all serious, the music was amazing. In some respects, I would go back just to hear them play.

Camp-of-the-Woods is a great place for singles, dating couples; young married couples and collective families. I would recommend Camp-of-the-Woods to my friends. If you would like to know more about the 2008 conference season at Camp-of-the-Woods, check out their website and ask for some information. I am sure that Camp-of-the-Woods will show up on future posts on this site.


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