Camp-of-the-Woods (Day 5)

Well I did not make it to breakfast today.  I was so tired from all the activities.  I am glad I did get some sleep though.  I was wide-awake for the speaker today.  His topic today was, “When Personalities Conflict.”  I know people who have personality conflicts.  They never seem to have common ground with one another.  In all honesty, it is quite depressing.  Being an extrovert myself, I do not enjoy when I end up butting heads with someone because our personalities conflict.  So it goes.

The reasons why our personalities conflict oftentimes are due to either circumstances out of our control or people in general whom we cannot get along with.  I often see the issues of conflict lie more with situations and circumstances that result in conflicts among people.  For whatever reason though, sometimes people create an environment where conflicts find a place of residence among us.

Dr. Lutzer said that there are three ‘powers’ in which we live in and adapt within our own lives.  The first is the power of blessing others.  When we bless others, even our enemies, we set them apart and make them special.  I am not very good at blessing people who have wronged me.  I honestly do not do well with being wronged by people.  To bless someone who has wronged me would mean making some serious changes in my life.  I guess I have a long way to go.  The second power is the power of humility.  The goal of this power is to live without being conceited in my own achievements.  When we remain humble though, it allows us to connect with others.  Regarding Romans 12, it is a lot easier to morn with those that mourn than it is to rejoice with those who rejoice.  It really does take a person who has a humble spirit to rejoice with those who have been blessed by God in a powerful way.  The final power that we have is the power of faith.  Sometimes, we need to just believe that God will meet our needs.

Thinking a lot about these things has led me to consider the necessity of fathers in our families.  I met a girl not long a go who was in the ‘entertainment’ business.  She would dance for men and take off her clothes for them.  I asked her if she had a father figure in her life that showed her love.  She laughed and said no.  She said in fact, most girls that she knew in the business did not have a father figure in their lives.  I asked her why she chose this line of business (outside of the money – which was substantial).  She thought a moment and then directly looked me in the eye.  She said that when she danced for men, guys looked at her and liked what they saw.  They made her feel something she had never felt before in her own life.  It was not love but approval.  They liked what they saw and came back to see her each week.  I asked her if her father showed that he cared about her instead of abandoning her when she needed him most, if she would have chosen this kind of work.  She laughed once more and said no.  After drinking our coffee, she said she needed to go.  Her name is Amy.  Please keep her in prayer.

So it is with the power of blessing, we have the power to bless others.  Fathers, bless your children.  Show them that you love them and that you are proud of them.  Encourage them and direct them in the wisdom of the Lord.  I hope they will never be like Amy who looks for love and acceptance in all the wrong places.  I hope I meet her again.  She is priceless in the eyes of God.  She is worth more money than the men who goggle all over her at the bar give her each night.  God died for Amy.  He made a way for her to be loved in a powerful way.  Perhaps we can love others (the stranger and even our family) as we are called to love God.  Perhaps we might be more like Jesus in our actions.  Interesting.

Dr. Lutzer finished his speech by giving three points to consider when personalities conflict.  The first point is that God has a reason for the conflict we go through.  That is good to know.  I thought perhaps I was just struggling to get along with certain people because they were difficult to get along with.  With the treatment God treats us with, we are called to treat others.  Again, this is ridiculously difficult without Jesus.  Finally, our true resolution from the conflict comes from God through obedience and prayer.  Trying to figure it out on our own or allowing ourselves to conclude our own answers is not only a wrong option but in some cases can be very dangerous.  We are so far from where God has called us to be.  God give us grace to grow in the knowledge and love of You.

In other news… I bought a book by Erwin Lutzer concerning the issues of same-sex marriages.  I will probably blog on it when it is done.  There are apparently six issues he deals with in which Scripture speaks of.  I am interested to write about it and hear what you all think about his assertions.  I also played a mean game of volleyball with some family members and some friends.  I thought we were going to win but apparently we had some ball-hogs on my team.  Anyway, we lost both games.  That was very depressing.  After our fierce game of volleyball, I ran to the main building to listen to some kids who work at the camp play some amazing music.  Each is very gifted.  I really enjoyed their music.  To end the night, we played, ‘Campo.’  This is Camp-of-the-Woods’ version of BINGO.  I did not win but it was a great time.  That is all I really have to share.  I hope these assessments of this week have been beneficial to you all.  God bless.


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