A True Concern: South Korean Captives

I think sometimes our lives revolve around the events that happen right outside our front door.  The more I read the Word of God; I am confronted with a truth we seldom desire to believe.  I guess for us to be the people God has called us to be, we need to make our world a little bigger. That brings me to the purpose of this post.

Eleven days ago, the Taliban militia group in Afghanistan captured 23 Koreans.  Why would 23 Koreans go to Afghanistan you might ask?  Well they went to go and serve people.  They went to make their world a little bigger.  They went to serve God through their abilities of helping people.  That’s a pretty noble task.  Is that where the story ends?  Not quite.  Since their capture by the Taliban, two Korean people have died and one more is supposed to die today.

How did I hear about this national event?  Surely I must have heard about it through the newspaper or the news right?  Wrong.  If I had not read an article by Eugene Cho several weeks ago, I would not have heard about the capture of these amazing people.  I hope you will do some research and find out what’s going on.  Let us also remember these amazing kids and hope that God will hear our cry for the release of these young people.

Perhaps gossiping about Michael Vick and others might seem more exciting.  This is life though.  This is reality.  Please keep them in prayer.  Please spread the word.  Please call your newspapers and tell them to make this front cover news.  Let us go beyond the front door and make our world a little bigger.


One Response to “A True Concern: South Korean Captives”

  1. theepiphany Says:

    Valuable news…something we truly are lacking in…thank you

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