Doing Church: Exodus (Chapter 3 and 4)

So we are moving forward in our study of Exodus at The Well. Todd taught this week on Exodus 3 and 4. I have heard Todd speak on this subject before when he spoke at J.R.’s church so I was kind of prepared for what he might discuss. I am thankful that it was not just a regurgitation of what he had already said. He had refreshed his understanding of this passage and brought some new ideas from it that truly made me think about how we approach God and how we respond to His calling for us. That is, in part, the bulk of what this passage is all about.

As I read the first part of chapter 3 of Exodus, I am confronted with Moses who has run away from Pharaoh to heard sheep for his father-in-law. I guess I would have been scared as well. I have never killed someone so I do not know what goes on within the psyche of an individual when they are confronted with such an event. As he herds sheep around the wilderness, Moses is confronted with a burning bush. I find it interesting that Moses saw the burning bush in the wilderness and responded by saying basically, “Here, there is a burning bush over there. I should go check it out.”

In the desert, there is really nothing that grips your attention away from seeing a burning bush. In our context here in the US, we busy ourselves so much that we would never notice a burning bush unless it was placed right in front of our faces. I think there is something that we can get from all of that to say that we need to lessen the busyness of our lives in order to see the burning bushes we often miss.

God told Moses to take off his shoes because he was standing on Holy Ground. I do not know if I have a place in my life where I take off my shoes because I know God’s presence is there. When I take off my shoes, it is usually because I want to be lazy and relax. I am not looking to be in the presence of God when I take off my shoes. Perhaps I could step that up a little.

Moses then gives God a whole bunch of excuses why he cannot be a leader for the people that have cried out to God in their captivity. Each of the five excuses, perhaps honest in his thought, were exactly that – excuses. Though, I cannot blame Moses for his excuses. Oftentimes, I make excuses in my own life. I rarely believe God really wants to use me to do what He has really called me to do. And, there are even more times in my life, where I have probably in some way said, “Oh my Lord, please send someone else.”

When I look at Moses and his last statement, I wonder how many missed opportunities I would have had, had I listened and obeyed God. I wish I could always be like Isaiah who was so excited to join the call, he jumped in front of the angels it seems to go and do the Lord’s work. Sometimes, I feel like Jonah though. Jonah did not just simply say to send someone else in his place. He just ran the opposite direction from where God was calling him to go. No matter what our response is though, God’s will is always accomplished. Even Jesus recognized that the Father’s will is even important for Him to follow through. That amazes me.

I am glad we are going through Exodus throughout the summer. And, even though I will miss this upcoming Sunday’s service, I will listen to it when it becomes available online through our website. The reason I will not be there is because I am going to a wedding in NY and then to Camp-Of-The-Woods for a week vacation and conference with Ewin Lutzer. I am looking forward to some r-and-r. When I return, I will post my notes from the week I was gone and correspond them with the dates in which they were taken. Just thought I would put that out there for you all to know. Thanks for reading. God bless


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