A Six-Year Remembrance

Six years ago, to the date in fact, I found out that a great friend of mine was tragically killed as a result of a drunk driver.  The accident had actually the night before.  Both Mike and his new fiancée Trish were driving out of a parking lot where they attended church.  They both served as youth mentors.  They both spent each Sunday and Wednesday worshipping God.  They were both young people – she being just 19 and Michael about to turn 21.  It seemed to be that God had brought these two people together to become one flesh through the mysterious bonds of marriage.

It was any normal Wednesday night.  It was 9:05 PM.  Michael and Trish were about to leave their church after enjoying a service of worship.  As they were about to leave the parking lot, a young man decided to misjudge his own abilities and began to drive after consuming a large amount of alcohol.  This man’s car collided with Michael’s car and sent the car literally flying in the air, flipping three times before it had landed once again.  As people ran to the sight of this accident, they found Michael holding Trish in his arms, attempting to protect her from the impact of the crash.  Tragically both Michael and Trish passed away.

There are many ways I could continue writing this post.  I could write about how people misjudge their ability to drive after consuming alcohol.  I could write about how stupid it is to take other people’s lives into one’s own hands and drive when one should not.  I will not go there.  People are not dumb.  So why am I writing this post?  It is simple.  It has been six years since my friend Michael and his would-be-wife passed away.  It is important to not forget about those whom you love.

Death is apart of life.  I know that.  One day, I will die and leave behind a life I had lived here on earth.  I guess I just hope that even six years after I have passed away, people will remember the type of person I was and will share that with others.  Not because I need affirmation from other people.  I just hope that when people look back at my life, they will see a man of God who, to the best of his ability, lived a life that is worth imitating because it was a life lived for God.  Though I will never be perfect, I know I have to make a decision each and every day to follow Christ.  Life is short.  I have a lot of work to do.  Thinking about these past six years without a great friend, I continually reflect on what I have shared with you.  I do not know where you all are in respects to God but I do know that God is worth living for.  One day, when we die, the influence we have had on others will permeate the very souls of those who knew us.  Leaving behind a legacy, we have the ability to just that.  Even though it has been six years, I still at times miss Michael and Trish.  Who they have been to me will always remain apart of who I am.  I hope some day that others will think the same of me.


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