Doing Church: Exodus (The Outline)

This Sunday, Todd went to VA with his family.  So David stated the conversation about the book of Exodus; a book we would be studying this summer.  I have to be honest that I was not fully attentive to the message; my mind was all over the place.  I finally decided to focus in and felt as though I had missed a great part of the message that would prepare me for what we would be discussing this summer.

With that said, I will share what I did get from the message and hope to go back and listen to David’s sermon online in the near future so that I will not miss the outline of Exodus; the book we are going to study.

Perhaps that is why I was not so drawn to the message.  It was an outline of a book of the Bible.  Having an outline of the Bible given during a service brought me back to my undergraduate days at Lancaster Bible College.  I did not hate my schooling at all.  I was challenged by some of the greatest teachers a man can have.  I am just not all about being ‘preached’ at by anyone.  I guess I just felt as though I had already gone through the outlines of the Bible I would have no reason to sit and concentrate like I should have.  That is where I need to repent.  I should always maintain a teachable Spirit.

The story of Exodus is a story of a people who were called God’s children and their freedom from the bonds of Egypt.  The bondage of slavery is very real and honest.  As they were freed, a man who gave a ton of reasons to God why he could not lead almost 2.5 million people to a promise land led them.  They spent 40 years walking around a wilderness learning how to work together as a very large family.  There were rules, like any other family and there were lessons to be learned.  Ultimately though, there were opportunities to see God in action, displaying who He was.  The lessons we can take away from the book of Exodus are great.  I encourage you to join me in listening to David’s outline of the book of Exodus; you for the first time; me for the second.  Though it all, I am sure there is something we can learn together about the book of Exodus.


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