Summer Plans

I do not know what to do with myself now that my classes are over until September. So much time has been devoted to reading, studying, writing, and thinking over these past couple of months. Now that classes are over, I have been spending some time alone with God and filling up my time with other things in which I enjoy. Here is a basic low down on what my summer plans are, Lord willing:

I have a list of books in which I am looking forward to read. Some of these books include: Renegotiating The Church Contract (James Thwaites), How Doctors Think (Jerome Groopman, M.D.), The rest of Judaism – Practice and Belief (E. P. Sanders – I spent good money on this book for class. I should probably read the rest of it!), and The Cost of Discipleship (Dietrich Bonhoeffer – I have been putting this off for way too long). I love to read. I read a book (a basic, enjoyable, narrative story or novel) within a couple of days. Other longer, more thought provoking books I finish within a week or so. Reading takes precedence over most other forms of entertainment for myself. There is almost nothing better than reading a good book.

Outside of reading, this summer I am planning on going to ‘Camp of the Woods’ in NY for a week to hear Erwin Lutzer. There is a lake there at this conference Centre to sit… and read. I am looking forward to spending some time with my family and a few friends while Kayaking and getting some R and R.

Since I am taking Greek in the fall (more for review and for the ability to solidify my understanding of the language in translation and reading), I would like to spend at least one block a week (a good two hours or so) and review my Greek so that I am prepared for what might lay ahead of me for this class. Greek within itself is very challenging so a head start is not such a bad idea.

Finally, I want to understand where I am in respects to the story God has placed me. Through prayer, the study of God’s Word, encouragement from friends and family, and through serving at my faith community, I hope God will reveal what He has for me in the ‘not so distant future.’ Every once in a while, I pray that God would allow me affect others positively for the Gospel of Christ. I know I should probably pray for it more. It is my hope and prayer though that my life would continue to be a living example of who Christ has called me to be. By the end of the summer, perhaps there will be those who have not seen me only to see a difference in my life. That would be the most awesome answered prayer God could answer for me this summer. This is going to be a great summer


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