Doing Church: Our Worship Service

This Sunday was not a normal service at our church. Instead of having someone preach a sermon, we had a day in which we could worship God as a community. I was so excited to be there to experience worship with a new church family. It is something about worshipping with other believers in Christ that is energizing and fulfilling. This is the attitude I had when I entered the worship service.

One of the parts of the service that really stretched my thinking was a statement made by one of the people who were in charge of leading the service was a statement referring to how people are made to worship something. When people go to rock concerts, their hands are up in the air, they know all the words, their eyes are closes and they are lost in adoration of the song. How is this not worship? I never thought of a concert being a form of worship. When I took a step back to consider these thoughts, I can only say that they must be right. We are made to worship. The question we need to continually ask ourselves is: Who or what are we going to worship? Why should we worship God? It is a humble disposition to consider.

This was an awesome experience of prayer, worship, singing and community. We need to experience more of these times together as a body of Christ. It is a picture of heaven. With all of this, I went home and thought through how I can be a serious worshipper both in my private life and within my community. Thanks for reading. God bless


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