Friday Night Study: Colossians 1

This past Friday, we began a study on the book of Colossians. After reviewing the demographics of this area, it has been suggested that this letter was probably written to about 115-170 people. I do not know exactly all of the ways in which they figure that stuff out but I will take their analysis and state that the Colossian Church was not a large ‘mega-church.’ It was a smaller community where people interacted with one another in homes.

If there is a word that is overly used again and again in this letter, it is the word, ‘thanks.’ Paul says that he gives thanks in prayer. This is something that is not seen often enough in the body of Christ. We would rather find ways in which we could contend with one another or build multiplex conglomerations. Why is it so hard to work together as the body of Christ? Why do we need to always compete against one another? Paul was not worried about how large a church was growing or who God had put in place to oversee that particular church. He only cared that the Gospel was being taught and lives were being changed. We could learn a lot just from that one verse. Instead of fighting with one another, let’s be the body of Christ.

I have already posted about my second thought concerning this first chapter Colossians but it does not hurt to mention it again. Paul says we have hope in heaven. The future of heaven is a beautiful thing however it should not be the only reason in which we live and breathe as the body of Christ. We should desire to serve Christ and follow Him solely because He is freaking awesome. We need to continually ask ourselves, ‘Do I know Him? Is He my friend? Do I have fellowship with God?” Asking these questions on a daily basis will allow us to maintain a humility the body of Christ is in need of each and every day.

What is the Gospel? It is the announcement that Jesus Christ is Lord. It is because of this Gospel, we are able to produce fruit that is plentiful and good. As I sit and reflect on this fruit, my mind continually goes back to the Psalmist (Psalm 1). To be a tree, planted by streams of water, whose fruit does not wither and bares fruit in its season, is the very thing Paul is praying for this believing body of Christ. It is a worthwhile prayer. Paul also wants this body to be ‘filled with the knowledge of His will. Again, after thinking about all of this, my mind was drawn to Romans 12: 1-2. We are called in Romans 12 to be ‘living sacrifices.’ It is in this way (though the transforming of our minds), we know the will of God. Could it be that Paul was referring to this passage in prayer for this Colossian Church? I cannot say for sure but Paul wrote in great detail about how we should know the will of God. It is a continual filling that God desires for us. It is our responsibility to grasp after these things in which Paul prays to this church. We all have been gifted and we have been gifted by God. We would do well to live according to this truth.

Because of Christ, we have moved from the darkness into the light. We were created in the image of Christ. The term ‘image’ refers to a ‘thumb print’ or a ‘photocopy.’ Wrap your head around that fact for a few moments.

In Him, everything was created; in Him, everything is held together. There is so much we do not know about particles and even our own DNA. We have never seen an Atom or the different parts of an atom that make up its parts. Yet, God holds them all together. He held together the particles that made up the nails that hung Him to the cross for you and I. If God were to let go of everything, I am sure it would explode. That just continually blows my mind.

My final thought centers around the statement, ‘the fullness of God.’ What on earth does this mean? How can we even comprehend the fullness of anything, let alone God who created it? I will not pretend to even know how this works out. However, it does happen. There is a realm in which the fullness of God is displayed. One day, we will be in His presence and the fullness of God will continually be revealed for eternity. That is truly awesome.

These are just a few thoughts I have concerning the book of Colossians. I hope it has been beneficial for your reading experience. God bless.


2 Responses to “Friday Night Study: Colossians 1”

  1. Ronda Kennedy Says:

    I have just started the study of Colossians and it just blows my mind! Paul had such a love for them and he had never seen those people! That is the way we need to be! I love your blog and can’t wait to read more!

  2. timiekley Says:

    Hey Ronda – Thanks for your encouragement. I honestly feel blessed to write my thoughts concerning the Word of God for others to see and respond. I will do my best to honor Christ through my writing. Thanks again.

    – Tim

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