He Is Freaking Awesome!

I have not written anything for a couple of days mainly because I really have not had anything worthwhile to write. Today I felt as though I could share some reflections that have been running through my head.

The past couple Wednesday nights, I have been going to The Well to discuss theology and faith with a couple of people. The topic of discussion stemmed from a book, ‘Simply Christian’ by N.T. Wright. One of the guys who attend said something that has peaked my interest. He said, “I do not want to follow Jesus solely on the basis of my salvation. I want to follow Jesus because He is freaking awesome.”

Why are we motivated to follow Christ? Is it solely because He died and rose again for us, promising a place where we will live for eternity? Is it because His power is displayed throughout the Bible in miraculous ways, unlike anyone else in history? Is it because all the other options of faith/belief do not measure to the greatness of Jesus and therefore (logically) He is a better choice? Or is it because I passionately desire a relationship with Him everyday?

I am not trying to downplay any of the above because I truly believe they are without fault. They are true statements. Heaven, I am sure, is going to be an amazing place. As I have written in a previous post, I am sure heaven will be greater and more grand than anything you or I could even consider. His miracles and power is definitely ridiculous. I cannot even imagine speaking to a demon and telling it to go into a herd of pigs – it happens. How about the multiplication of bread and fish that feeds 5,000 men (not counting the women and children that were most likely present). And, let’s just be honest and say that out of all the other choices we have to consider (faith-wise), they all fall in comparison to Jesus. That might sound cocky or conceded to some but I have no reservations in saying it. What other god chooses a bunch of sinful people to represent Him on earth? What other god calls a bunch of sinful people His children and works through us to accomplish Him will? When the scorecards are in, Jesus takes the cup – with no competition.

That’s all well and good but do we know Him? Do we know Jesus? Have we met with Him more than 30 seconds before a meal? If we were in the same room with Him, would He know us by name? Would He run up to us and embrace us as His own or would He look at us with an unfamiliar look (you know the look). If He called us on the phone, would we recognize His voice or would we have to look at the caller ID? Do our relationships with God and our interaction with Him take precedence and priority over anything and everything else?

When I consider my relationship with God, I have to be honest and say that I have not arrived. There are days I know God would recognize me and other days (more often than I would like) where He would not. Sometimes God is as close as my next breath and others where He is as foreign as hieroglyphics. We need to continually examine our relationship with Jesus. Like a car that needs its oil changed every 3,000 miles, so our life needs to be regularly changed and transformed to be more like Jesus. Perhaps if we stepped up to the plate and considered our relationship with Jesus more often than we most likely do, we could be a better witness to others who do not know the love of Christ or what Christ has done for them.

So that is the challenge for us. We need to consistently ask ourselves what our motivation is in respects to following Jesus. We need to consistently ask God to be in relationship with us solely because He is freaking awesome. When we live in this manner, we can serve others humbly and influence others through our testimony as believers in Jesus Christ. God bless.


2 Responses to “He Is Freaking Awesome!”

  1. Onkel Toby Says:

    Thanks, great post.

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