Doing Church: 3 John

Today we continued our study on the ‘One Chapter Wonders.’ Before I begin my analysis on this book, I must say again how much we take for granted these books that are only a few verses. What we can learn about ourselves, and the events of the early Church are absolutely amazing. They should be regarded just as important as any other book within the Word of God. With that, we begin our study.

What exactly is the purpose of the book of 3 John? Todd taught this week and shared his thoughts on the significance of John’s writing. In short, he surmised that the book fo 3 John was written as a letter of recommendation concerning Demetrius from John to Gauis.

It is important to maintain a good testimony with others. I believe good testimonies are a true miss in the Church. There are many people who live like our brother, Diotrephes. Diotrephes was a leader in the Church who had gotten off track. He always looked to put himself first and had no respect for others who were in authority. When we put ourselves above the ministry and the calling that God has for us as believer in Christ, we lose our focus.

John recognizes the ministry of Gauis. Gauis was a leader in the Church who let go of some personal comforts to help others. He opened up his home and his personal life to missionaries who were in need of a place to lay their head and a hot meal. Gauis understood the story he was called to live. I always find it interesting that of all the things God remembers, He remembers the little things people do for others. As long as God tarries, there will be those of us who will read the book of 3 John and hear about our brother, Gauis and his ministry for the Lord. I think we need to continually take note that God takes note of things we do for our brothers and sisters in Christ as well as those who are our neighbors and strangers we meet on our journey.

I wonder if I were to go to another country or to another state, what someone would write about me. What would they put in a letter with their name signed at the bottom? Would they send a letter of recommendation to be received by the body of Christ or would they be so concerned about how I am living my story that it literally upsets them to think about it.

Our challenge is to live the story we are called to live. Todd left it this way: Am I living the right story? I believe we all need to be asking ourselves this all-important question. Perhaps if we did, we would be confronted with the ugliness we hold inside of us towards others and deal with ourselves in the right manner before God and others. Perhaps we will be the body of Christ after all.


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