Amazed. Totally Amazed.

I can’t help but stand in awe of you
My life in yours, my heart’s pursue
Of all the things I could hold on to
I find myself reaching to embrace anew.

Why me do You choose, I wonder why
To not feel the sting of death when I die
For the sin in me, I can only sigh
Even when it’s the best I try

For whatever reason, You call me your own
You call me yours, an heir to your throne
Your love for me, You constantly hone
You know all of me, down to my smallest bone

Your grace is sufficient, Your mercy my guide
In Your light it is impossible to hide
And in Your love, You gently chide
It’s only in You, I can confide

This time on earth is only a short stay
For me, there is heaven, that’s what You say
Until then You shape me each and everyday
You are the potter and I am the clay

In heaven we’ll sing and worship You there
No time, in heaven, we’ll have no care
The fullness of You, You long to share
In amazement and awe, we will only stare

For the rest of our lives, there we will be
Surrounded by creation, for us all to see
The greatest experience, for eternity
For You in us and us in Thee

– Tim Miekley

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One Response to “Amazed. Totally Amazed.”

  1. Mark Callender Says:

    Thanx, this was good and I could get into the thoughts conveyed.
    Thanx again, from one sinner to another, saved by his marvelous GRACE.
    It’s ALL about HIM.

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