My Story, My Journey

I love that everyone has a story; a story to share with others; a story that tells who one is, where they have come from and where they are heading; a journey of someone’s life and interaction with both God and the world. Everyone has a story – here is mine.

I am a rape baby. There is no easier way to say it. I was the result of a rape. A 16-year-old girl was abused and violated and I was the result of her horrible event. Every once in a while, when I consider what she must have gone through (which I honestly cannot), I tear up. When I was younger, I used to wonder, “How could something ‘good’ come out of an event like this?”

Instead of having an abortion, she decided to go full term and give birth to a 9 lb 15 oz baby. With a kiss and some tears, the nurse took me away from this woman who had allowed me to breathe air and grow into a young man. Being that tomorrow is Mother’s Day, I have to say that I am so grateful and thankful for her choice to give me life. I feel truly blessed to know that both my birth mother and God allowed me to live.

When I was six weeks old, I had an issue with my heart. For some reason, my heart was beating 280 beats a minute (a normal baby’s heart beats 90 beats a minute). I was sent to Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, PA and rushed into the E.R. Once they were able to look at my chest, they realized that I had two tubers in my heart (one in the left heart chamber and the other in the aorta). The only way they could fix me was to do open heart surgery. I was told later that the doctors said I would have ‘0’ percent chance of living (God knows better though). After six hours of surgery, and a lot of prayer from my foster family and many others, the doctors came out shaking their heads. Somehow and someway, I had survived the surgery. One of the tubers they had gotten, the other disappeared. Within one year, I was adopted by my foster family from Bethany Christian Services in Philadelphia, PA.

When I was nine years old, I accepted the Lord. I went to the Billy Graham Crusade at Veteran’s Stadium in Philadelphia, PA. Reggie White shared his testimony and I honestly saw something awesome in his story. He was genuine and humble about his mistakes and his passion was real. Even though I had grown up in a Christian home, I know I needed to receive that grace myself. So I went down and prayed with someone. I did not use their prayer; I made my own prayer; I made it personal. I would like to say my life was a bed of roses but it was and still is far from it.

Today I am in Seminary studying Biblical Studies at Biblical Theological Seminary. I will hopefully graduate either at the end of 08 or very early 09. I am praying about the next step God has for me. For now, I am content in my journey. God is absolutely amazing. I hope my story has been beneficial and enjoyable to read.

My challenge is to share your story with others. Our stories are very powerful. Through our experiences, people are changed and encouraged. God bless


2 Responses to “My Story, My Journey”

  1. Gabrielle Says:

    hey there Tim! I just wanted to say WOW what an amazing story. I’m really glad I found you blog off of kevin’s and I’ve enjoyed reading it today. Truly amazing stuff.

  2. Forgiveness: What a Crazy Topic « Being Church: Missionally Shaped Says:

    […] good.”  And so it is with my testimony.  If you have never read my testimony, you can read it here.  Ultimately though, in a sentence or two, I was a result of a rape.  As I grew up, I came to […]

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