Friday Night Study: Faith (Substance and Evidence)

Tonight was our home fellowship study. The four of us met for a time of musical worship, prayer, encouragement, and discussion about faith. It was a sweet time.

Faith is a word we throw around so often, I feel at times it loses its power. It is one of those words we could tag on to the ‘one-word-wonder’ answers given during our Sunday school session. Faith is greater than that though. As we discussed last week, faith is a pillar – it is sturdy and able to support us when we are in need. It goes beyond our comprehension. Finally, faith is more than just a belief in something or someone. We were not happy with the status quo concerning faith, so we decided to expand our knowledge just a little more.

We decided that we needed to really examine the book of Hebrews, chapter eleven and seek for a deeper understanding of a word we really know very little about.

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (v. 1).

Right. What in the world does that mean? Do we honestly have a clue to the meaning of this? Our best guess was there is something to this substance thing; this evidence thing we really have not paid attention to at all. So we talked for a bit about the words ‘substance’ and ‘evidence.’

There is a substance to our faith. As we look forward to God doing what He says He will do, it is not just fantasizing; it is substantial reality. I think that is super powerful. In the case of Noah – he did not know what rain was nor had it ever rained during his lifetime. He had faith in the words of God though and built an arc to hold several thousand animals and his family for 40 days and 40 nights. Can you imagine how much they were made fun of for building this monstrosity? They probably thought he had lost his mind!

I wonder if I really take the words of God that seriously as I read them. When I read words like, “Love your neighbor as yourself” do I sit back and do nothing or do I put these words into action like God had intended for us to do? Do I treat God’s words like my promise to take out the trash before I go to bed or do I put my faith in motion like riding a bike? On a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being the highest), where would I rate my ‘faith meter’ concerning God’s Word? Am I willing to give up my life for His truth? Am I willing to lose my life in order to gain it? Let’s be honest and say we probably could use a little extra something in this area of our devotional life.

All God has done so far stands as evidence that He will continue to remain faithful (even when I am not). It blows my mind to consider the fact that people have given up their lives because of their faith in Jesus. They have been tortured and humiliated because they believe in something so strong. As I consider my own life, I feel ridiculous and unworthy to consider myself apart of the family of God sometimes. There are many times I do not represent my faith well or even admit straight out that I am a believer in Jesus because I am more concerned about how someone might react to me more than the fact that God has called me to share my life with others in love. When are we ever going to learn? We have a tested and true experiment we can lean on and depend on all the time. He has yet to fail at any point of history. That is something we cannot say for ourselves.

So what’s our challenge? Put faith into action. Ask God to show you His evidence in His Word and stand upon on it. Transparently lean upon the pillar of faith so that we might have the confidence to stand in both the ‘easy times’ and the trials we will most likely face. God bless.


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