Friday Night Study: Faith (It’s root)

On Friday nights, I have obligated myself to meet with a group of people to talk about God, spend some time in musical worship, and prayer. I would not call myself a pastor but more like a co-overseer with my buddy, Dave. We both have become frustrated with the ‘organizational church’ and decided to gather as part of the body of Christ with other people who just want to met with God. There are not many people as of yet who have joined with us; we have four people (possibly five) who want to meet on a regular basis to talk about God.

This Friday, only Dave and I could get together because the others had an obligation to other events. It was good though; God met us where we were at. We decided as a group to talk about faith. With no agendas, we decided we would discuss faith. Here are some of our notes from tonight’s study. I hope they will be useful for your devotions and your journey.

To start our conversation concerning faith, Dave and I decided to go back to the root of the matter; what does the word ‘faith’ mean in the OT and how can we take its terms to encourage us in our walk with God? That would be a question that would take two hours of study and reading, but nonetheless was completely worth it.

The word ‘faith’ in Hebrew is ‘Aman.’ It is the same word in which we get the English word ‘amen.’ There is a lengthy list of connotations in which ‘Aman’ refers to in the OT. Here are the references of the word Aman:


Foster-Father/Foster Mother/Nurse

Pillars/Supporters of the door

Made Firm/Sure/Lasting







To me, I found myself looking over our findings and realizing the word ‘faith’ has a greater meaning than I first assumed it to have. When I look over these references, I see a definition emerging from our findings different from what I thought faith truly was. Faith is something stable, trusty, confirmed, established, supported, lasting, and sure.

The word faith means we can rest on it and know that it is unmovable. Like a master-workman or an Architect, faith is the design of our life that gives us assurance in a God we cannot see. True faith is reliable and hand hold up to any test. Faith is something we can touch, we can see, we can hear, and we can feel. Its result is something we can hear from others that encourage us.

What’s the challenge? Learn more about faith. How does this look to a child? How do we incorporate faith in our own lives? How do we take references like these and apply them to our walk with God? How do we grow our faith? How important really is faith? These are difficult questions to ask but we must ask them because, as Hebrews 11 says, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of something yet unseen.” Let your faith shine. And all God’s people said, “Amen.”


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